Reptile shows

I have a table at the VERONA REPTILE SHOW on the 5th of October 2014. I hope to see you there !  


Please e-mail me with details of what species you are interested in. I can send lizards via a courier delivery service (next day delivery service) for ten euros. This is only during suitable weather, for example not in July or August. At the moment I cannot sell protected species such as Timon Lepidus or Gallotia species in Portugal or Spain, but I am at the moment trying to obtain permission to do so.


I usually visit the UK at some point between September and December each year and can arrange for small numbers of animals to be made available for collection. I usually spend time in London when I am in the UK.  Additionally, Chris Davis, who also sells his own captive bred animals, offers some of the same species and can be contacted via his website. Please click here to go to Chris's website to find out what he has in stock, or to contact him if you want more details.

The Rest of Europe

It is not currently possible to send reptiles to other countries in Europe. But it may be possible to meet at European reptile shows, such as Houten (Holland), Verona (Italy), Hamm (Germany).

The Rest of the world.

I am not currently sending reptiles to other places outside of Europe. But it might be possible to meet at reptile shows such as Houten (Holland), Verona (Italy), Hamm (Germany).